May 31, 2015

5 Myths About Vacation Rentals

5 Myths about vacation rentals and what theyre really like

Have you ever wondered why thousands of people are switching over to staying at vacation rentals instead of hotels? Aren’t vacation rentals supposed to be expensive and high maintenance with loads of paperwork? Won’t you get nailed to the wall, pitched a sale, and end up walking out with a deal you didn’t even want? If these questions run through your mind when you hear the term “vacation rental,” you may be one of the many who are still in the dark about this popular method of accommodation. While we can’t speak for all vacation rental companies, here’s the general rules of thumb that bust the top 5 myths surrounding the vacation rental industry.

MYTH #1: Vacation Rentals are for the Wealthy.
Yes and no. There’s a reason Brad Pitt and Anne Rice choose spacious vacation homes instead of swarming hotels. Space, tasteful furnishings, and ideal locations would tempt any budget. But, before you rush off and say “I told you so,” understand that vacation rentals range from affordable to lavish, just like traditional homes. You can rent a spacious villa , cozy coastal condo , or fun filled home with game room and hot tub , while beating the cost of the lower-quality competition, namely, cheaper hotel rooms. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Groups/Families can save by making a single reservation instead of paying for multiple hotel rooms. For instance, at first $225-$428 a night might seem like a daunting sum. That’s how much you would pay for this ocean view pier bowl vacation rental in San Clemente . But when you do the math, this vacation rental sleeps 8, bring the cost down to only $28-$53 per person per night! Compare that to a stay at an ocean view hotel, where you’ll pay $200-$300 or more for a single room, bathroom, and no kitchen, and vacation rentals begin to look a lot more affordable!
  • You can Save Without Sharing too! We manage several one bedroom or studio vacation rentals that are perfect for just two or three people. Take a look at our Monterey B or Monterey C vacation rentals in the San Clemente Pier Bowl. All include full kitchens and full bathrooms as well, for less than the cost of a hotel room! Contact us for more details.
  • Save on Dining with a Fully Functional Kitchen. We all know how expensive eating out 3 meals a day can be. Even if you’re only buying for a few people, costs quickly escalate. Sure, vacation is a time to splurge and make memories, but stocking the pantry with some of your favorite cereals and snacks or stashing the fridge with lunch makings is a sure way to cut down on costs and give you or your younger travelers the comfort of familiar foods. And of course, if you’re enjoying the luxury of an extended stay and tire of public dinning, there’s always the option of barbecuing some hamburgers and gathering on your private deck to watch the sunset.

MYTH #2: Vacation rentals are only for vacation
Not at all! We have guests staying with us during business trips, while shopping for a new home, while their homes are being remodeled, or for a variety of other reasons. We even manage several vacation rentals that are only available on a monthly basis, perfect if you're planning an extended stay in Southern California. Your stay may be so relaxing, refreshing, and enjoyable, it seems like a vacation, but we focus on making every guest’s experience with us memorable, regardless of your reason for staying. When you have to travel or leave your house for any reason, give yourself the extra comfort of a home, instead of a hotel room.

MYTH #3: I’ll be pitched a sale, forced to watch a presentation, and begged to buy something
No, no, no. Vacation Rentals are not time shares. Vacation rentals are often second homes to owners who love their vacation home and do not want to sell. Instead, they decide to share their beautiful home with you when they’re busy traveling.

In fact, when you book a vacation rental you get to make the choice of which vacation home is perfect for you. With a hotel you don’t have very many options, but with a vacation rental you can customize your experience with whatever features you need. We don’t want you to stay at a home that isn’t 100% perfect! Once you decide all you have to do is book your dates, check in, and check out. Yeah, it’s that simple.

MYTH #4: The Vacation rental will be up-sold and I’ll be left with a shoe box house with snaggy sheets
Here’s the reality. Vacation rental owners and managers want you to come back. We’re hoping you’ll love our Southern California vacation rentals so much you’ll come back year after year to make memories in the same spot. That’s why we invest in regular maintenance inspections, professional housekeeping, interior design, and up to date technology to make a stay at one of our vacation rentals even better than a stay at a hotel. When you stay with a professional vacation rental management company like Beachside Vacation Rentals, you’re sure to experience quality service and a delightful stay!

We’ve been in business since 2008, and specialize not only in renting out vacation homes, but in providing the best possible service to our guests. Check out our About Us page to learn more about us or search our vacation rentals to get a taste of our carefully cultivated inventory! And if you want some more information about a vacation home, get some more opinions by looking at reviews. You can read vacation rental reviews of our properties both on our website and on VRBO, Airbnb, and Flipkey as well!

Pro tip: Be sure when you book to book directly with us. Listing sites like VRBO and Airbnb may charge additional fees, so you'll always get the best price if you book direct!

MYTH #5: If I need help during my trip, I’ll have to handle it myself
Stuff breaks. We get it. That’s why we have a professional guest services and maintenance staff that is available throughout the week to help you out. Whether a cabinet comes of its hinges, you need help operating an appliance, or are looking for fantastic restaurant recommendations, our customer care and maintenance teams are eager to help. Fill out a maintenance request form and our team will get in touch with you as soon as possible! Again, we can’t speak for all vacation rental companies, but our Beachside Vacation Rentals' staff always does their best to make your stay stress free!

Ready to bust these 5 myths yourself?
We’re ready to prove we’re right! Give us a call to start planning your trip at 800-408-1822!

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