June 9, 2017

6 Reasons You Need to Take a Vacation

We often write about things to explore in one of our many Southern California Beach towns, but rarely do we address just why it is a good idea. While there are, of course, plenty of things to do in Orange County and beyond, such as visiting the San Diego Zoo, Disneyland Park and Disney’s California Adventure, or checking out famous beaches like Crystal Cove State Park, the real question remains: WHY should you take a California vacation?

Turns out, there are lots of reasons. Here are just a few:

Vacationing gives your brain a break and makes it function better!

Think of taking a vacation as a ‘brain nap’.

According to Scientific American’s study called “Why Your Brain Needs More Downtime,” removing yourself from the everyday stresses of the American industrialized workplace, and into a more creative, serene, and peaceful environment is not only healthy for the brain, but also allows the brain to solidify the knowledge that is constantly being funneled through it.

When you take a break you might feel like you're not being as efficient or productive. But, according to this research giving your brain a break can actually create more productivity, not less. Removing yourself from your everyday life (whether at home or abroad) is a very effective way to give your brain the break it needs.

Vacationing keeps you healthier

Do you like stress? Probably not. And your body doesn't either.

Studies by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute show that stress is one of the largest culprits in heart disease and also increases your chances of catching anything from the common cold to the flu. It also increases your likelihood of developing conditions such as irritable bowl syndrome.

There are many ways you can go about reducing the stress in your life, but none of them quite measure up to the experience of lounging on a sunny beach, watching the waves. In fact, when you take a much-needed vacation, your risk of heart disease and heart attacks is shown to significantly decrease. Men were shown to be 32% less likely to die from heart attack, and women 50% less likely. So do your heart a favor and start planning that vacation!

Vacationing together improves relationships

Some things just bring people together.

Whoever you vacation with, whether it be friends, family, or your significant other, you'll have the opportunity to play together, make decisions together, solve problems together, and get to know each other in a new, different way.

Shared experiences like vacations improve relationships, especially among family. Children are said to perform better in school (probably because their brains got a break), couples become more satisfied with their relationships, and generally, vacations provide fond shared memories for years to come.

Not convinced? We've written an entire post on why you should plan a couple's vacation !

Vacationing lends perspective

Stuck in a rut? Maybe you just need a new point of view.

Whether you are exploring the beaches of Newport Beach, San Clemente, and Carlsbad, or traveling the globe to visit tropical islands and taste new food, vacationing is the perfect opportunity to get your creative juices flowing and learn new things about the world and the people in it. Maybe learning to surf will help you be more brave about situations in your everyday life. Maybe seeing stunning sea creatures will give you a new appreciation for the earth. Maybe successfully navigating LA traffic will give you the confidence to take on challenges at home.

Taking the whole family on vacation offers this type of experience for impressionable children as well. Vacations provide great teaching opportunities, and can be a beneficial and intentional experience for you and the whole family!

Avoiding vacationing is throwing away money

Okay, hear us out.

Among many studies, Project Time Off’s “The State of American Vacation: How Vacation Became a Casualty of our Work Culture” showed that Americans gave up 61.4 billion on vacation benefits in 2015.

Wow. By neglecting to use those much-needed vacation days, employees are working overtime for money already given to them, as well as lowering chances of raise and promotion due to burn out.

Vacationing gives you a chance to meet new people

Or take a break from people altogether.

Along with bringing new perspective, vacations also provide the opportunity to meet new people and build new relationships! Whether you are getting to know the family next door, maybe trading grill tips as you cook outdoors, or meeting local business owners and finding out what inspires them, a vacation is a chance to branch out, relax, and make some new friends.

And if you just need a break from people, a vacation can also offer much needed solitude. Book yourself an oceanfront home and enjoy those views in peace and quiet. Treat yourself to a leisurely cup of coffee while you watch the waves. Hike, bike, or kayak by yourself and spend a moment with your own thoughts. You'll return home recharged and ready to plug in to life again.

Not sure how to take the next step?

We're here to help you plan the perfect vacation for you and your guests.

Whether you want to plan a whirlwind tour of Southern California's many theme parks, a relaxing stay in laid-back San Clemente, or a fun-filled vacation in Newport Beach, we can help!

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