April 15, 2016

7 Benefits of a Couple’s Vacation

7 Reasons you should start planning a couples vacation the many benefits of traveling and relaxing together as a couple
If you’re considering taking a vacation with your significant other, you probably already suspect that it’s a good idea. And you’re right. Here are jut a few reasons that you should start planning that vacation right away!

1. A vacation together helps you reconnect
No kids, no coworkers, just the two of you! Whether you decide to spend all day relaxing together at the beach, exploring local shopping venues, or parasailing, you’ll be focused on one another. And because the pace of life is slower on vacation, you’ll have plenty of time to talk, reconnecting in a deep way that can be challenging during the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

2. A vacation together helps you remember
Kids, jobs, taking care of finances or the house can keep you so busy that it can be easy to forget what made the two of you fall in love in the first place. Taking a vacation helps you remember again. A vacation gives you freedom, freedom to be yourself, and to rediscover the uniqueness, the quirks, the great personality of the person who you chose to share your life with. Traveling regularly will help keep that awareness and appreciation for one another alive.

3. A vacation together leads to a happier, healthier relationship.
According to the U.S. Travel association, traveling with your partner has both short term and long term benefits, from better communication and resolving differences to feelings of closeness and sparking romance. In fact, the respondents to the Travel Association survey said that a vacation did more to spark romance than exchanging gifts, and other research confirms that buying experiences leads to greater happiness than buying things.

4. In fact, vacationing also leads to a happier, healthier you
Vacations decrease stress, heart disease, and depression, and lead to a whole host of health benefits . Want to be your best self, for yourself and your partner. A vacation is a good place to start!

5. A vacation together sets a good example
If you have kids, you might feel guilty about leaving them behind. Don’t! You’re actually giving them a good example of how a couple should care for one another and invest in their relationship. Besides, taking time to relax together will give you more energy for taking care of your family, and possibly starting to plan a vacation for the whole family.

6. A vacation together makes you work as a team, in the best way!
You’ll be working together to plan your trip, choose restaurants, navigate local terrain, and decide on itineraries. If you’re imagining these discussions turning into arguments, just remember, the best thing about planning a vacation is that there are really no wrong answers. Nicks or Avila’s El Ranchito ? Salt Creek Beach or Huntington ? Whale watching or hiking ? Every choice is a good one so the two of you are set up to win!

7. A vacation together makes new memories
Have you noticed how life tends to speed up as we get older ? There’s a reason for that: lack of new experiences. When you’re a kid, everything is new, but as you get older the routine of life just becomes a blur. Traveling and experiencing new things forces your brain to slow down and pay attention. Share that experience with your significant other and you’ll be slowing down time and adding memories that the two of you can share for a lifetime.

Ready to start planning?
Here are a few steps you can take to start planning your vacation together. Remember, even vacation planning boosts happiness!

We'll see you at the beach!

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