March 14, 2018

Sweet! Hollywood, 5th Anniversary of Candy Adventures

This year marks the 5th anniversary of Sweet! This Hollywood candy shop is by far the most fun and exciting candy store you will ever step foot in. Located on the top floor of the Hollywood and Highland Complex in Los Angeles, Sweet! offers a multi-room, interactive experience for both young and old. This is by no means your average candy store!

A World Of Your Imagination!

Sweet! is also home to The Wonka Inventing Room, inspired, of course, by the famous film “Willy Wonk and the Chocolate Factory”. Here guests can find the wackiest of candies, including a wall of countless flavors of jellybeans With the Sweet! Candy Card, you can easily swipe-and-taste your way through this sugary escape.

Build Your Own!

Inside the shop you’ll find the famous Chocolate Lab, where candy lovers design their own unique chocolate bar. Whether you’re keeping it classic with walnuts and peanut butter or getting wild with bacon and potato chips, the Chocolate Lab is guaranteed to have what you need to make the perfect bar of chocolate. Don’t forget to add your own personalized wrapper to seal the deal!

It’s Not Hollywood Without Celebs!

In The Sticky Room visitors can see just how candy is made. Candy artisans create intricate pieces that go into making celebrity candy art. Walls of this room are lined with images made entirely of candy including Eminem made of, well, M & M’s! Other sweet celebrity portraits include Snoop Dogg and Zach Galifianakis.

Sweet! is also known for its “pop up” candy exposés. Currently, you will find candy and fashion wear featuring drag-queen phenomenon RuPaul, horror film actress Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, and Japanese-inspired characters known as Tokidoki. Catch these amazing pop-ups before it’s too late!

For the Big Kids

While the kiddos wander room to room with a preloaded try-me card, adults will surely get a kick out of the outrageous candy collections for big kids. Whether you’re reminiscing with the Archie Collection or LOL-ing at the newest line of Dictator Bars, adults will enjoy the experience just as much as the little ones. And if you’re looking for a kid-free night, check out Sweet!’s GlamHaus events, featuring Drag Queen shows, Burlesque, and guest DJ’s. Prices range from $35 for guests-$100 for VIP.

Location and Hours
6801 Hollywood Blvd., Suite 201, Los Angeles.
Local parking is available, or consider taking the Metro, getting off at Hollywood and Highland.
Sunday-Thursday from 10am-9pm
Friday and Saturday from 10am-10pm.

Not in SoCal? Order your customized treats online at
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