August 7, 2017

Best of Long Beach: Top Spots for Icy Treats

Best of Long Beach Top spots for icy treats  Beachside vacation rentals
Are you looking to explore a new neighborhood a little outside of the typical Southern California Beach Towns like Newport Beach, San Clemente, Corona Del Mar, and Dana Point? For our last installment of Icy Treats, we bring you our picks for the top frosty delights in Long Beach!

We love the Belmont Shore Long Beach area because it provides both a fun and unique environment to explore and eat! If you want to explore fun things to do in Orange County as well as fun things to do in Los Angeles, then Long Beach, nestled between the two, is the place to go! Staying in Long Beach you'll be able to easily explore the OC, and also venture into LA, and Long Beach itself is packed with fun and adventure too! With an aquarium, waterfront, downtown, quaint shopping districts like 2nd Street, kid-friendly beaches, eclectic people, and delicious eats, Long Beach has much to offer on your next visit to Southern California!

If you're visiting Long Beach on a warm day, this list will help you navigate all the best places for icy treats on your next Long Beach vacation!

Long Beach Creamery
4141 Long Beach Blvd
Long Beach, CA 90807

Long Beach Creamery is the perfect place to go if you are an ice cream lover and looking for somewhere with unique flavors. Although parking at Long Beach Creamery is a bit hard, there are ample parking spots in nearby residential neighborhoods, and the trip is well worth it. With flavors like Cashew Fennel Chip, Whisky Vanilla, Burnt Caramel, Biscuits and Jam, and Midnight Oolong, this is a must-try! Customers love the consistently friendly service, clean environment, plenty of seating and commitment to the community—using local ingredients to incorporate into their flavors. Which flavor will you try?

Snow Monster
5211 E 2nd St
Long Beach, CA 90803

Next on our list is the quickly growing Snow Monster chain. Famous for their giant macaroon ice cream sandwiches and milk tea drinks in glasses adorned with their adorable bear-like logo, this joint will be sure to satisfy your fun dessert cravings.Try the Thai Milk Tea (you can order drinks half sweetened) with a pistachio macaroon filled with vanilla ice cream. Or try an infamous Rainbow Cloud drink—a tea or lemonade overflowing with cotton candy! And if none of that sounds quite right, order a shaved snow piled with your favorite toppings and dig into the mountain of sweet frosty goodness! All the macaroons, jars and light bulb drink containers, and wall art are too cute not to take a photograph! This is the place to come if you are looking for an ‘insta-worthy’ moment!

2410 Santa Fe Ave
Long Beach, CA 90810

Guabana sits on the west side of Long Beach and hosts colorful walls and an intimate setting to pick up an icy Mexican style treat. Their Mangonada is a mix of chile, chamoy, lime juice, sorbet, and fresh mango, a crowd favorite. Raspados is a shaved ice treat and the famous Bionicos (fruit salad with sour cream, condensed milk, coconut, and raisins) will be sure to blow you away. Guabana is cash only, so be sure to carry some cash with you when visiting! This is the perfect place for an afternoon treat, and a great way to experience the mix of cultures in Long Beach!

Afters Ice Cream
5708 E 7th St
Ste B-1
Long Beach, CA 90803

Afters Ice Cream is another favorite among locals in Long Beach. Bringing East Asian flavors—like Jasmine Milk Tea and Vietnamese Coffee—together with classic American ice cream, Afters offers a variety of fun and creative ice cream, as well as the option to couch it between two fresh doughnut-like buns (called their infamous ‘Milky Buns’). Add toppings like mochi or fruity pebbles, and you’ve got yourself the perfect sweet icy treat for a summer day. We recommend their Cookie Monster flavor or Jasmine Milk Tea flavor. The creamy texture mixed with the warm soft buns are a taste to die for!

The Fresh Shave
3768 Long Beach Blvd
Ste 100
Long Beach, CA 90807

Last on our list of icy treats in Long Beach is The Fresh Shave , a trendy shaved ice joint located next to Steel Craft Coffee. Their menu and branding is based on a barbershop/mustache theme, making this the perfect place for kids and parents alike. Although fairly new, The Fresh Shave has promising flavors, like Cookies and Crème, Cold Brew, and The Fu Manchu (Strawberry and Bananna topped with cream, strawberry puree and banannas). Customers like that The Fresh Shave actually uses ingredients that taste fresh and healthy, making this icy treat even more enjoyable.

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