March 20, 2018

Best Places To See California Wildflowers This Spring

Spring is right around the corner and as the temperature warms up, wild flowers are popping up too!

Flowers! Oh flowers, how much we love them, their beauty, their smell and their delicate nature. They add dazzling color to life, and bring a smile to our faces. California boasts to have some of the best flower fields and farms in the United States. In spring these fields come to life spreading along vast areas of land. The sight is breath-taking, and every year visitors swarm these fields just to take in the experience.

Whether you are a fan of flowers or not, these fields of beautiful wild flowers are sure to lighten your mood, bedazzle your mind, and captivate your heart. You can even walk among the fields of flowers but be careful, it might not be easy to find your way back without a guide! With that said, here are some of the most beautiful California flower fields you must visit this spring.

1. The flower fields of Carlsbad Ranch
Here the Persian Buttercup also known as Tecolote Giant Ranunculus is the most commonly found. Its season changes yearly but between March and May you are likely to witness the yellows, reds, whites and so many other colors of this flower. Visitors are welcome to come and see between 9 am - 6 pm.
From sunrise till sunset, visitors can come and witness the captivating beauty of a desert in bloom. Many different types of wildflowers grow here – the Parish Poppy, Hairy Desert Sunflower, Desert Lilly, Dune Evening Prime rose and many more!
The California Poppy is the most famous of all the poppies that grow here. Its season starts towards the end of February and lasts through March.

4. Gorman Hills Flower Fields
The California Poppy, California Tick Seeds, Bentham Lupine, Bluehead Gilias and the Lacy Phacelias are the flowers that give its hills the astonishing view. The season is usually between February and May and visitors can visit from sunrise till sunset.

5. Shell Creek Road Meadows
Here the Goldfields, Coastal Tidy Tip, Baby Blue Eyes and the California Poppy all grow overlooking the mountains; the sight is breath-taking. The season usually starts by February and last till April which means you have more time to spend with these beauties. Visiting hours are open between sunrise and sunset.
After seeing these beautiful flowers at their best, you can’t help but wonder why they are called ‘Wild Flowers.’ Any field you decide to see is sure to make your day!
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