July 7, 2016

Booking Vacation Rentals for Large Groups: How Condo Multi-Units Give You MORE.

California travel guide booking vacation rentals for large groups in Southern Californi
Booking Vacation Rentals with Large Groups: How Condo Multi-Units Give You MORE.

If you have explored our Southern California vacation rental listings, you’ve probably seen some of our properties with names like:

Hideaway A, B, and C , or North Beach A, B, C, D, and E .

Why all the letters?

The letters are there to let you know that these Southern California vacation rentals are multiple units at the same location. These properties are some of our favorites because managing three, four, or even more units together allows us to offer you flexible accommodations that fit your group.

Why book multiple units together? Why not search for a giant house?

Simply put, booking multiple smaller units instead of one large house gives you more !

More rooms
When you travel with a large group there will be times when you all want to gather together, cook together, eat together, watch a movie together. With vacation rentals like our North Beach D ocean view condo , you’ll definitely be able to do that! But what about the times when you just need your own space?

When you book vacation rental condo multi-units you’ll have the flexibility you need. You’ll be able to enjoy being together, while still having the comfort of privacy. Does your little nephew need a quiet place for a nap? He’ll have it! Does your business-minded cousin need space to catch up on work emails? She can have it too, but you’ll still be together, just next door to each other, ready to get together again later that day.

More Amenities:
Will all fifteen of you be sharing one shower? If you book our multi-units the answer is no! When you book multiple vacation rental condos together you will have more bathrooms, more grills, more TVs, more washers and dryers. Sharing is great, but sometimes… more is more. Take a look at our North Beach condo group . When booked together they’re five condos with 14 bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, ocean views, a foosball table, multiple patios, and more!

More options:
The newlyweds want a private vacation rental just for them. The two families with teenagers want to stay together so that their kids can hang out. Your grandparents want as few stairs as possible.

One house can’t accommodate them all… but a group of condos probably can. Take our Court Street condos in Newport Beach as an example. When booked together they can sleep 20 guests in two three bedroom units and one 2 bedroom unit, with two units upstairs and one on the ground floor.

Not sure how to choose the perfect condo group? Our reservations team can help you find the perfect collection of units to suit all of your guests. Give us a call at 800-408-1822!

More flexibility:
You’ve planned for a two week beach vacation, but some of your guests are teachers and will need to leave early for the start of school. Your great aunt and uncle on the other hand have decided to stretch out their Southern California vacation for a full month!

That’s no problem! When you book multiple units you can pay for the space you need for the time period you need it, and different guests can check in or check out on different dates. Booking multi-units also gives you more flexibility on a daily basis. Perhaps some of you want to stay up late playing board games, but others need to put their kids to bed early. Perhaps some of you want to get up and watch the sunrise while others want to sleep until noon. With our multi-units you can, without stepping on each others’ toes.

Ready to book MORE?
Next week we’ll be sharing about our top multi-units for groups of travelers. Stay tuned to learn about some of our fun flexible condo groups!

In the meantime, search our listings to find your perfect vacation rental !

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