June 23, 2015

Oceanside Survival Tips

Oceanside survival tips travel tips for travelers planning a Southern California vacation to the beach
Warm sun, refreshing water, soft sand, a lazy mood . . . it’s hard to not have a good day at the beach. However, frazzled parents leaving the oceanside with grumpy toddlers in tow can attest to the possibility that beach days can go wrong. We’re here to let you in on the simple tips and tricks that lobster-red unsuspecting tourists wished they knew. With a little advice from the beach-exerts, some simple preparedness steps, and a bit of common sense, you’ll be doing your beach vacation like the pros.

Sunscreen (Cream and Aerosol).
You’ve got to have it. It’s easy to loose track of time as you splash in the waves, build sandcastles, and listen to your favorite grooves, but trust us, you’ll be feeling the difference between “lightly bronzed” and “broiled” tomorrow. Thirty minutes before you head out into the sun, lather on cream sun screen to avoid missing spots. But after you’ve been out in the sun for a few hours, make sure you reapply with the aerosol version. Newbie beach-goers often scrub a second helping of cream sunscreen on their sandy bodies and grind the application into their skin. To avoid giving yourself a rash, ditch the cream and grab your can of aerosol sun screen for smooth application.

There are Never Too Many Towels.
Ok, so maybe never is a little extreme, but having plenty of fresh towels is a MUST. Don’t believe the myth that “one towel per person is enough.” Those towels you sat on for your picnic lunch are going to be scratchy with sand when you dry off your wet body. Grab some towels to sit/lay on, some to dry off with, and some to put on the seats of your car (that short ride to the house is long enough to soak the seats).

Keep Your Water Cold.
If you’re going solo or just planning a quick jaunt to the ocean, it doesn’t sound appealing to lug a clumsy ice chest all the way to the shoreline. However, when you get out of that 80 degree water, drinking 85 degree water will make you wish you brought two ice chests. Here’s a tip on how to avoid the extra baggage while keeping your water cool. Before you leave, fill a water bottle half-way with water. Lay it on its side in the freezer. Freeze. Ta da! Fill the water bottle the rest of the way up and let the ice block slowly melt for cool water all day long.

Bring a BIG Mesh Bag (or Two).
Mesh bags are lightweight, water proof, sand proof, and imperative to having easy beach clean-up. Not only do these bags fit a TON of stuff (which you are going to have) but they are easy to carry. You won’t have to worry about getting sand stains on your cotton satchel, or digging sand out of the corners and pockets of your diaper bag/purse for months. Keep it simple.

Put Your Keys in a Safe Place.
You’d be surprised how many beach-goers spend the day tearing through bags to find toys, stuffing swimsuits in, taking towels out, digging for changes of clothes, trying to find the pacifier, dumping seashells in pockets, and at the end of the day wondering “where are the keys?” In the midst of family excitement and activity it’s easy to misplace or rearrange important tools, so have a special spot for those small yet imperative items.

Disconnect from Electronics.
Take a break from the hectic pace of your work world and soak up the beauty of nature. Enjoy simple things like making memories with your kids, boogie boarding that perfect barrel, or soaking up the sun with a loved one. You’re at the beach, so relax, refresh, and renew.

Bring A Plastic Bag and Ziplock Bags.
Why? Because sand and water get everywhere! It’s awesome when you’re burying Uncle Freddie or making a monster sand castle with a moat, but, it’s not as fun getting sand in your phone or the wetsuit you just changed out of. Slide your electronics in plastic Ziplocks to keep them ocean-safe, and after you’re done changing, throw all those wet swim clothes in a plastic bag for safe travels on the ride home.

Bring a Change of Clothes.
Like towels, it’s hard to have too many clothes, especially with young children. It’s comforting to dry off after a long, hard, day of play and climb into a cozy outfit. The sand and water is awesome, but it’s better to leave it at the beach.

Baby Powder.
Yep. There’s yet another use for baby powder. If there is no shower or hose nearby, dust a little baby powder in your hand and brush off the loose sand clinging to your arms, legs, and feet. This nifty trick keeps sand out of the car for the ride home and is a gentle alternative to rinsing off young children in cool beach showers.

Still having trouble getting that sand off? Plan ahead and book a vacation rental that has an outdoor shower for simple cleanup. We manage several properties with outdoor showers, so go ahead and ask us for a recommendation.

Keep learning
While the tips above are a great place to start, there are always more great ideas to make your trip to the beach more safe and fun. Check out our Travel & Vacation Tips board on Pinterest for more vacation tips!

Ready to hit the beach? Book your ideal beachside vacation rental today! Use the search tool to the right, or give us a call at 800-408-1822!

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