December 27, 2016

Three Life Benefits of a Winter Visit To Southern California Beaches

The winter just isn't as magical once the holidays are over. Family heads home, the Christmas and New Years parties are over, and the cold grey days of January and February become long and dreary.

This year, why not give yourself a break from the winter with a beach vacation, or even escape the cold altogether with an extended stay on the Southern California coast? You'll find lots of sun, fun, family activities, and ocean adventures in San Clemente, Newport Beach, Long Beach, and our other Southern California Vacation Destinations!

Not sure a winter beach vacation is for you? Check out these three life benefits of a winter visit to Southern California!

1. Mood Boost
A vacation, especially a beach vacation, is sure to boost your mood and drive away the winter gloom. Here are just a few ways that a vacation, especially a visit to sunny SoCal, can make you feel happier:

2. Health & Beauty Boost:
Improved mood and better sleep will also increase your overall health, but a trip to the coast offers even more health benefits!

3. Activity Boost
Sure, there are brief times of sledding and marching through deep snow drifts, but for many of us, winter activities are limited. We huddle indoors and eat holiday treats . . . but there’s nowhere to burn off extra energy (or calories)! Kiddos tend to get claustrophobic and tire of hibernating inside and playing video games.

At the beach? Well, we can’t wait to get out in the warm sun and feel the soft sand squish beneath our toes. Enjoy an active winter many ways:
  • Hiking the beach cliffs
  • Frisbee
  • Swimming
  • Volleyball
  • Beach Walking
  • Looking for Seashells
  • Tide Pool Hunting
  • Surfing or Boogie Boarding
  • SUP Boarding
  • Biking The Coast
  • Ocean Kayaking
There are endless ways to get out and stay active at the beach! In fact, you don’t even have to try and burn those extra calories at the beach. Taking a relaxing walk along the shoreline at sunset, is enough. Why? Walking on sand burns 30% more calories than walking along a firm surface .

And One More: Mix It Up
Break out of the doldrums of day-in and day-out routine weather, work, and habits with a blast of fresh air and sunshine. Sometimes you just need time away from chilly frost and grey weather. Holidays are a time to celebrate and take time away from the humdrum, and vacations are very much the same, so give yourself a treat this winter, and head to a warm paradise.

Remember, time seems to speed up and fly by when we get stuck in a routine . Changing pace, traveling, seeing something new makes our minds wake up and take notice. Taking a vacation can help you to slow down and make memories, instead of dragging through a routine winter!

Planning a vacation can take a lot of time and effort
Especially if it’s far away from home. That’s why, at Beachside Vacation Rentals, we don’t just manage properties; we’re also here to help you plan your perfect getaway! Give us a call at 800-408-1822 , or email us at We look forward to listening to your vacation dreams and assisting you in finding the perfect location, vacation home, and activities for you and your guests!

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