January 23, 2016

Top Tips to Travel with Young Kids . . . and Still have Fun Yourself

Family California travel guide top tips for traveling with young kids
We all know family vacations are fun and memorable, but traveling to the beach with young children can definitely have its challenging moments. Gone are the days of red-eye flights, last minute deals and a carry-on backpack. However, what your traveling will lack in spontaneity, it will make up for with delighted squeals and wide-eyes of children experiencing vacationing for the first time. Be prepared, plan ahead, and there’s no reason traveling with children, won’t be as enjoyable as you want. Here’s to making this year’s beachside vacation memorable for the right reasons.

Don’t Over Plan
It’s tempting to want to squeeze in every sightseeing venture, go on every tour, and visit every local hotspot in San Clemente , Newport Beach , and Carlsbad . But, with young kids, think quality, not quantity. It won’t just be you dropping into bed exhausted at the days end, children that are run-ragged are bound to be grumpy and fussy if they feel rushed from one event to the next. Instead, prioritize and choose only your top California attractions and California activities. Take the entire afternoon to really experience whale watching or the tide pools. Approach this vacation at a slower pace and you will get the most out of your experience.

Accommodations are Everything

Does cramming into the hotel bathroom to talk on the phone while your baby naps in your bed sound familiar? Make sure your California lodging is accommodating for you and your children. In n most cases this means book vacation rentals instead of hotels. Vacation rentals are basically your own home at any location you desire. At a Beachside vacation rental you'll have lots of space, separate rooms, fresh air in the yard, and a full kitchen where you can save on meals and stock up on snacks.

Bonus Points: Beachside provides a pack n play and and booster seat in all of our properties. Many of our vacation rentals also have even more family friendly features. Take a look!

Pack Healthy Snacks
Speaking of kitchens and snacks . . . pack healthy snacks that will stabilize your kiddos' blood sugar. Complex carbs like baby carrots and trail mix are great with protein bars or cheese sticks. You’ll avoid the hyper sugar craze, and the dump of exhaustion when the sugar wears off.

Foods to avoid: Anything sugar related that will spike your children’s blood sugar.

Put the Kiddos Down for a nap
Shoot, while you’re at it, put yourself down for a nap too! Tired and grouchy, short nerves–that definitely doesn’t sound like an enjoyable vacation. Napping on the go in car seats isn’t nearly as relaxing for children as resting in the comfort of their own beds. So, to insure quality memories, take time to pause and catch a few Z’s. Your kids won’t be fussy waiting in the middle of that boat charter , and you won’t be fussy when they get sand all over your beach towels.

Plan Activities With The Kids in Mind
Orange County is teeming with California activities you and your children will love! Whether it’s bike riding, visiting amusement parks, or simply playing on the beach, there’s plenty of opportunity to tailor your vacation around your kids!

Bonus points: Some of our most popular California shopping destinations have fun playgrounds for kids build right in. Visit South Coast Plaza or The Irvine Spectrum and you'll find upscale shopping and dining, as well as a fun time for the kids. Take a look at some of the top shopping locations in Orange County .

Book in Advance
Nothing says stress like trying to book last minute flights, accommodations, and activities moments before your travels. Take a couple hours to plan out the attractions you’d like to see, and don’t be afraid to book flights and vacation rentals far in advance! We take reservations up to 12 months before your arrival, and booking early is the best way to ensure that you secure the dates you want. You’ll have dibs before all those frantic last minute travelers.

Capture the Memories!
Remember to document those memories! A picture says a thousand words and you don’t want to forget the big bright eyes of your child seeing San Diego Zoo’s tiger for the first time, or their happiness when they show you their shell collection. Capture those moments and come back next year!

Bonus points: Prefer to leave the photography to a professional? We work with awesome local photographers to provide professional family beach photography to our guests. Take a look at our professional photography services .

Don’t wait to book!
If you’re looking for a vacation rental that is family-friendly, close to all of your favorite California attractions, and affordable, give us a call at 800-408-1822 to reserve your dates today! Don’t wait. Our calendars usually fill up months in advance! There’s a lot that goes into planning a vacation, and we want to make it as easy as possible by helping you find the perfect accommodation for your family!

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