February 17, 2016

Vacation Rental vs. Hotel: Which is best for you?

Southern California travel guide vacation rental vs hotel which is best for you and your California vacation
Chances are, at some point in your life you’ve stayed at a hotel. Hotels are often the first kind of accommodation that comes to mind when we think of traveling… but does that mean that they are the best choice for you?

Let’s take a look at some common traveler priorities and see how vacation rentals and hotels measure up:

Cost and value:
At first glance, vacation rentals, especially California beach rentals, might seem a lot more expensive than hotels. For example, here are some of our nightly rates:

Oceanside : $260-$500/night

North Beach D : $350-$714/night

Those numbers look pretty big at first, but let’s see what happens when we factor in the max occupancy of these vacation rentals:

Oceanside (sleeps 14): $18-$35 per person per night . (With a rooftop patio, and just blocks from the Oceanside Pier!)

North Beach D (Sleeps 13): $26-$54 per person per night (With a balcony, an ocean view rooftop patio and a kids play room)

Suddenly California vacation homes are looking a lot more budget friendly, and not just for large groups! You can book our smaller vacation rentals for similar prices. Go ahead, search our properties, and see what you find!

Why do you book a family vacation? A girls’ getaway? A spring break adventure?

To spend time together, of course!

Staying at a hotel limits this togetherness. Even if you book rooms on the same floor you will probably have to traverse a public hallway to visit one another. Wouldn’t it be great if you had your own private living space, where you could gather in your pajamas, watch movies, laugh and talk and walk over to the kitchen whenever you wanted to make another bag of popcorn?

You will always have that space in a vacation rental. Vacation rentals are homes with kitchens and living rooms and sometimes even game rooms built right in!

But that doesn’t mean you’ll sacrifice your privacy. In our Oceanside vacation rental many of the bedrooms have their own sitting space. Our Casa California vacation rental in Dana Point has two living rooms so your guests can spread out comfortably. Our Village Road vacation rental in Dana Point has a living room, pool table room, multiple patio areas and a putting green.

There’s a vacation home perfect for any group, and you don’t have to sacrifice any precious moments together!

Vacation rentals win here, hands down. Maybe, somewhere, you can find a hotel that will provide you with a full kitchen, pots and pans for cooking, chairs and a cooler that you can take to the beach and a private patio and grill… but we haven’t found that hotel yet.

The amenities at our California vacation rentals are all included in your rent – no fees for wifi or for doing laundry. You’ll only pay extra if you’ve booked a property with a pool and opt to have the pool heated. Other than that… enjoy the homelike comforts of your vacation rental!

Our Orange County guests also have access to our Vacation Planning Services . From spa services to grocery delivery services , we’re here to make your vacation a breeze. Simply fill out a form and we’ll help you plan surf lessons, whale watching, vacation photography and more!


You can find a hotel or a vacation rental in just about any location that you want to visit. You can find both with San Clemente ocean views, both within walking distance of Newport Beach Pier, both near local attractions like the Queen Mary, both near theme parks like Disneyland, and both near historic sites like Mission San Juan Capistrano.

So it sounds like location is a tie… but not so fast. Even though you will find both hotels and vacation rentals in all these places, choosing a vacation rental allows you to customize your location even further and live like a local, not a tourist. Staying in a vacation rental you can experience the flavor of our local communities, stay in a gated neighborhood, an out of the way bungalow, a condo near one of our quaint downtowns, or just about any other place you can think of!

Uniqueness and Atmosphere:
As we just mentioned, staying in a vacation rental gives you a unique experience that you probably won’t find staying in a hotel room. We know that when guests stay with us they don’t want a mass-produced shrink-wrapped experience. They want something inspiring, endearing, memorable.

That’s why we carefully style and decorate each of our vacation homes to have its own unique vibe and atmosphere. Looking for a little bit of Pacific tropical Zen? We’ve got it . Ornate opulent luxury? We’ve done that . Chic modern beach style? Definitely ! The ambiance at each of our vacation rentals makes them perfect for making memories that will last, whether you’re planning a family reunion, attending a wedding, celebrating an anniversary, or just getting away for a relaxing weekend together!

We love scheduling guests a year ahead. We love having return guests who visit the same California vacation rental at the same time every year. We love knowing that our guests are looking forward to their vacation and being able to look forward to it with them!

We also love taking last minute reservations. If we have a gap on our calendar and you just really need a couple of days away from it all, then we want to fit you in! If plumbing issues or termites have driven you out of your house for a few days and you really don’t want to be stuck at a hotel, check our availability. We’ll work with you to smooth out any bumps so that your last minute stay goes as smoothly as possible.

We do have a 3 night minimum stay for most of our vacation rentals, with occasional 2 night stays available in between other reservations. We have these nightly minimums as a courtesy to our local communities and to our housekeeping staff, so that we can keep every property professional and provide the best property management services possible.

So, if you really only want to spend one night by the beach, a vacation rental may not be your best bet. If that’s the case, we would love to refer you to one of our local hotels.

But if your plans change and you decide that one night by the coast just isn’t enough, call us, and we’ll get you on the calendar!

Ready to plan?
If you have any questions about our Southern California vacation rentals we would love to answer them. We can also offer tips about California weather, California attractions, fun facts, and other things to do in California. Just give us a call at 800-408-1822 or Contact Us !

We’ll see you at the beach!

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