Whale Watching

Whether you're only spending a few days in Southern California, or planning to stay for months, a whale watching trip should definitely be on your list! The southern California coast boasts more dolphins per square mile than any other place on earth, as well as a variety of whales all year round! From May to October we're visited by blue whales, while from December to May the gray whales pass by on their annual migration between Alaska and the lagoons of Baja. Fin whales and minke whales are common sightings, while we also occasionally see killer whales, humpbacks, pilot whales, and other amazing sea creatures.

Beachside Vacation Rentals has partnered with the best local whale watching providers in Dana Point and Newport Beach to make it easy for you to plan your voyage. Simply fill out the form below with your preferred whale watching date and time, and we'll contact you to finalize the details. If you're visiting us during a peak season, be sure to request your whale watching trip in advance, as the boats do fill up!